Making A Jingle Work for You!

Can’t seem to get that “catchy little tune” out of your brain?  Are you finding yourself humming it during the day, or even during the night when you’re SUPPOSED to be sleeping?  THAT’s exactly what the advertiser wants YOU to experience!  Did you know that if you set it to music, you won’t forget it!!! Recall that “stick-in-your-brain tune” and you’ll also remember the information the advertiser wants you to retain!  And…his sales will increase.  It works every time, no matter what you’re selling.  Ergo…the “musical jingle!”  Bring it on…and bring on the sales, as well.

Current brain research supports this powerful and impacting “musical” phenomenon.  Think about it…how did you learn YOUR A-B-Cs?  And how have you taught others to recite their A-Z sequence themselves?…By SINGING it again and again…and again.  Many of us also learned our multiplication tables through a little math tune, or the names of the state capitols in that same musical way.  Our “strategic and intentional teacher” provided these “musical tunes to learning” (because she KNEW the powerful connection those little ditties would provide in embedding that information in the students’ brains).   Music supports the message within, and the experience is both pleasurable and powerful

Just like Mary Poppins suggests, “A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down.”  In this case our “spoonful of sugar” is a little bit of music!  Music makes the “medicine” go down a whole lot better.  No more “dry bones” when it comes to storing important information.  Do it better with a little music!  When you consider some of our largest and most profitable companies and their advertising methods, you’ll soon recall a “jingle” that carries their particular message to the ear of the consumer.  Who could forget the simple melody that supports the words “You deserve a break today!” – Of course, it’s McDonald’s!  Did ya’ just hear that little tune in your brain once again?  The “musical jingle” embeds that information more deeply in the listener’s brain!  Want another example?  How about that old Empire Carpet jingle…can you sing that tune?  Bet you can, and now it’s gonna bug you for the rest of the day – or night!  MUSIC!  Powerful!  Impacting! 

Want to know WHY this happens when we use music?  Our brains are uniquely “wired” to store patterns and relationships.  They seek these patterns throughout life, and what better place to find patterns than in music!  Quoting brain research guru Eric Jensen, “Music aids memory because the beat, melody, and harmony serve as ‘carriers’ for the semantic content.  That is why it’s easier to recall the words to a song than a conversation.”  The most important part of this research suggests that when we put KEY WORDS TO MUSIC, we will typically get better recall.  So, that being said, if you want your audience to remember important information, simply set a small portion of it to music and it will get stored “magically” in the brain for later recall!  Voila!  Works every time! 

When you’re ready to get your story out to your clients, using a powerful medium called the “jingle,” then give Windy City Voice Talents a call!  Kathy Poelker will be ready to create just that right little “stick-in-your-brain” tune to drive your customers crazy in a positively lucrative way!  To hear a sample of her demo jingles that she produced for United Airlines and Eastman Kodak, visit

Kathy Poelker is one of the founders of Windy City Voice Talents located in Chicago, Illinois and is also a Voice Over Coach for Such A Voice.  She is a voice over artist, copywriter, and jingle writer.  Kathy’s voice over specialties include commercials, radio, TV, eLearning, narrations, industrials, children’s books, IVR, websites, and audiobooks.  Kathy is also experienced in broadcast marketing and robocall advertising.  For more information, please visit


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